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High temperature and pressure bobbin dyeing machine

Issuing time:2020-03-18 11:02

Apply to cotton, wool, linen, polyester, polyester and other natural fibers and blended yarn skein, cheese yarn dyeing,cooking, bleaching, cleaning and other processing.


1, Maximum working temperature: 140℃

2, Maximum working pressure: 0.4MPa

3, Bath ratio: 1:8—1:15(Full type)

4,Heating and cooling method: the bottom of the dye tank configuration heating pipe, using steam

heating and cooling water cooling.

5,Self control device:

temperature programmed, dye cycle to control, liquid level control.

The use of highly efficient anti-cavitation centrifugal pump, dye fabric

fastness, full structure, there is a chemical material, feeding pressure, the liquid inside and outside the cycle to make the machine more adaptable, good color dyeing. At the same time the machine a high degree of automation.

Dyeing machinefor the pressure gauze low both design, suitable for dyeing all kinds of fibers(natural fibers, synthetic fibers   chemical fibers, polyester fibers)of the high pressure dyeingmachine.

All kinds offiber dyeing and   bleaching anddyeing process can be done in this machine with consistent operation.

Pump speciallydesigned centrifugal pump, high head, large flow.

Low bath ratiodesign saves processing water, cooling water, steam chemical electricity.Heating rate of 25 - 140 for about 30 minutes to reach, cooling rate of 140 to 80 forabout 20 minutes to reach.

The machine usespneumatic cylinder automatic operation of the door and electrical controlpanel. Temperature and time can be set at your will, and automatic orsemi-automatic can be chosen to use and easy to operate.


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