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Segment Dyeing Machine、Dyeing machine

Issuing time:2020-03-18 14:16

                                  Segment Dyeing Machine

Segment Dyeing Machine Skein Dyeing Machine

Fastidious design, colorful multi-spaced dyeing yarn (section dyeing)

This machine is advanced dyeing equipment developed in domestic in absorbing dyeing technology of Taiwan and Italy.

It is suitable for cotton, wool, silk,linen, chemical fiber and various mixed   multisegment dyeing. The mechanism isingenious in design, convenient to operate, low in energy consumption, low indyeing bath ratio and low in sewage discharge. No environ mental pollution,especially suitable for the development and production of new products ofknitted garments and woven fabrics in small batches and varieties.

In addition, the electric control system ofthe machine has strong anti-interference ability, accurate timing and reliablework, which is a solid guarantee for the machine to achieve automatic control.

Technical parameters:

Power requirements: 380V / 50HZ / 100A           

supporting plate size: 1135 * 630

Theoretical output: 800KG /

class Multi-color specification: 4 colors, 6 colors and 8 colors

Total power: Approximately 17.5 KW

Total weight: about 2500KG

Floor Area: 5000>5 000MM

Main structure and power equipment:

Each of eight singleunit square chemicaltanks is equipped with a 200W stirring motor

Eight sets of dyeing liquid distributiondevice: Each infusion device is equipped with 8 infusion pumps of 65W

Vacuum dyeing one host: equipped withquantitative infusion device with stainless steel small dye tank; the liquidlevel is kept over the circle; the multi-color segment is over the circle andthe suction tube device can be adjusted at will.

The positioning of the yarn tray iscontrolled automatically, and the whole machine is automatic.

Program-controlled dyeing mechanism

Vacuum system: equipped with 15KW vacuumpump and corresponding vacuum tank, the vacuum degree of air control valve isautomatically controlled.

Monitor control operation box.



                                  Dyeing machine

This machine is applicable to small batchdyeing cloth proofing, have low bath ratio, low energy consumption, high degreeof automation, to adapt to the characteristics of variety, can directly use thenormal production process, the integration of design and installation isconvenient cover an area of an area small, only need to link to thecorresponding power supply, water, steam and drain after the equipment can benormal use.

The machine uses a new nozzle, Teflongrating and expansion of the system, each tube maximum capacity of up to 500kg,bath ratio of 1: 5.5 ~ 1: 8, It is the most popular large capacity environmentalprotection dyeing machine in today's market.

Technical characteristics:

1.Large capacity: each tube load of blended cloth can reach about 500kg, pure cotton cloth about 450kg.

2. Small bath ratio: when the output of each tube is 500kg, the bath ratio is 1:5.5.

3.Environmental protection: low water consumption, low energy

consumption, low emissions, low power consumption.

4.Good effect: high-quality spreading device, fabric showing slack, no crease, the finished   product dyeing effect is good.

5.Wide range of adaptation: suitable for 50g/ m ~800g/ m of chemical fiber, pure cotton, microfiber, blended fabrics, about 800g/ m wool decorative cloth can also achieve satisfactory dyeing effect.

6.Speed adjustment range: 0-350m/min                     

7.Bath ratio: 1:5.5-1:8

8.Maximum working pressure: 0.44Mpa                      9.Maximum operating temperature: 140℃


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