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HWS Recovery system of waste water and heat energy

Issuing time:2020-03-18 14:29

1、 Preface                                                                 

With the continuous increasing ot theenergy price, the cost of production of dyeing industry mil increase gradually:under the new circumstance of increasingly Intensive market competition. cuttingdown the cost of production has become the first important question; at the sametime, with environment protection and energy problems being taken into accountand getting attontion from the state. it has been put on the agenda that howto save enorgy and roduco consumption and to achievoCirculation utilization otonergy.

To meet the requirements of the developmentof the market, combining with advanced technology and experience of relevant industryat home and abroad and aiming at the present stste that the temperature of thedyeing production discharged waste water is at40 -95 my company hasdeveloped HWS series recovery system for waste water and heat energy and has succcssfuUy achieved to mako secondary maximal rocovery and ubfiization of theheat enorgy of tho wasto water and the recovery rate can roach about 90%.whichcreato economic and onvir onmentat protection benefits for the enterprise.

2、Product application

This product applies to the productiveequipment at which the waste hot water discharge .such as cheese dyeing vessel,yam dyoing vossol. zippor dyeing vossol, high temperature-pressure jigger, andhigh temperature

pressure cloth dying machine scouring and bleachingcombination machine, mercerizing combination machine, steaming soaping machine,washing machine for printed fabric etc tor heat exchange treatment ofwastewater.

3、Design concept

The efficient heatexchange structure is utilized by HWS recovery system for waste /water and heatenergy to replace low value heat energy in the waste water to the process waterwith the efficiency of about 90% through water/ water exchange mode andincrease the temperature of the process water, thereby the steam and electricpower cost being saved, which can reduce the cost of production and improve competetive power for the enterprise; at the same time ecological environment will beprotected by reducing the temperature of the waste water.   

4、Energy saving effect

The economy of recovery system for wastewater and heat energy is particularly acute in dyeing industry; the recovery termof equipment investment is only within 3- 6 months and the recovery of wastewater heat energy can be as high as 90%; the more consumption the water use andthe higher the temperature is, the shorter the recovery term of investment is,by using this system:

A. Average value of saving steam electricpower cost is about 20% - 35% of the common usage. (It varies according to thedifferences of raising temperature of water, water consumption and otherprocessing parameters).

B. It can produce heat water and reduce theworking hours and it also can increase production output for about 20% - 30%.

C. By using heat water to wash, we canimprove dyeing quality, decrease defective rate and reduce washing times. Therefore, water consumption is saved.

D. Without using cooling tower, we candecrease the temperature of wastewater and reduce the usage of essential potionsduring treatment process. Therefore, it can save wastewater treatment cost.

E. It can shorten equipment running timeand lengthen service life of the equipment.

V Standard structure

This system is comprised of stainless steel vacuum container, stainless steel centrifugal pump, stainless steelautomatic filter, high-

efficient heat exchange master, intelligently electrical control system, self- backswing cleaningsystem, heat- retaining water tank as well

as other accessories.

Intellectualizedelectrical control system


The electric appliance is controlled byprogrammable logiccont roller (PLC) with fully automatic operation mode. Allkinds of parameters settings can be carried out in accordance with actual needsof the user. Having a human-machine in terfaceentirely in Chinese, this systemhave self- preservation and alarm functions, which will make sure the operationstabilities of all components of the system. The accumulative calculationsystem for heat and flow is comprised of flow sensor, inlet temperature sensor,outlet temperature sensor and heat module, which remembers the unit’saccumulative flow and accumulative heat recovered.

The main mechanism is that according to thefirst and second law of thermodynamics, the filtered hightemperature wastewater is converted to the same amount of cold and clear water through anexchange, so as to raise the temperature of clean water, save steam and reducethe cost of subsequent waste water treatment.


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