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Laboratory equipment

Issuing time:2020-03-18 14:30


Main technical characteristics:

High-quality stainless steel cup           

Material: SUS316                                      

A variety of capacity: 150CC, 300CC, 450CC, 800CC, can be ordered as needed




Shake swingmachine:

Adjustable speed drive motor makes the testcup get enough and uniform swing, low noise, smooth running, smooth running.



Infrared proofing machine:

Advantages: 1.Installation of programmable intelligent LCD computer, a variety of expressions, real-time monitoring of sample bin working status.

2.The use of infrared heating tube, small power, no smoke   pollution, no loss, and insulation, constant temperature effect is good, but also can save a huge amount of glycerol and electricity costs.

3.The new temperature measurement and control technology can ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine, and the life is much longer than that of the ordinary infrared machine

4.The use of inverter control, automatic positive and negative rotation device and can adjust the speed of the sample warehouse, better with the movement of the field bulk process, 360 degree tumbling movement to make the dye liquid in the cup turn back and forth, more uniform color rate, suitable for all kinds of cloth dyeing, can get the most flat and uniform sample cloth.

5.Different bath ratio and different cloth can be used to sample at the same time, and the dyeing cup can be taken and placed at any time during the heating process without affecting the sample speed and effect. 6.Bath ratio is small, the minimum can play 1:5 color flowers.

Standard light source for color machine

Widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, ink, printing, pigment, chemical industry,   ceramics, footwear, leather, hardware, food, cosmetics all walks of life visual assessment, color matching   proofing, identification of color difference, fluorescent substances and other color management fields, so that the sample, production, quality inspection, acceptance in the same standard light   source down.Accurately check the color deviation of the goods to ensure that the   quality of the goods meets the requirements. Thus improve product quality and   market competitiveness.

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